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Herein lies the Magickal Writings and Poetry of Axis.

(There is this caveat for visitors: Something about the very nature of the medium of the internet entrains ones awareness to a sense of immediacy. Many of the documents on this page, especially those in:
Magickal Texts

and within the Dreamer Wheel Healing Temple section,

cannot be grasped or understood within a sense of immediacy. They require careful, slow absorption in order to follow and grasp their meaning, e.g., The Book of Anubis: Liber 369, which has been called "one of the most compressed writings I have ever read" by a respected friend and medicine person, might be more easily understood by first reading Book Two, in that it may more clearly elucidate the specialized usage of the word "belief", even though that is the reverse order of their authorship.

In essence these documents, especially those within the Magickal Texts section, form the heart of the Magickal current that informs the Magickian Axis. The "Book of Anubis: Liber 369" (of which I am the original author) forms the essential writing that inspired my magickal system as it developed following the 5=6 Working of the Magickal Temple, the Servants of the Secret Fire (S.S.F.) Many things followed and doorways opened into realms unexpected.

My initial influences were:

(a dubious source but one that first opened my mind to the possibilites of altered states being actively used, as per "Magick"),

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn,

Aleister Crowley

and Austin Osman Spare. Spare really opened up new possibilities and challenged my thinking. I came to realize I needed a "way" to understand true Magick that could include all of the old teachings and allow for further development.

Whether because I live close to the land or because of some past-life karmas or for some other reasons, what are known as "Medicines" among American Indian peoples began to make their appearance in my work, though I never actually attempted to "follow" any American Indian traditional ways. Nevertheless, I was not about to neglect their importance or include what is given in my work. Influences at this time included the Shaman and Medicine Woman Panther Rose and the writings and medicine stories of Hyemeyohsts Storm.

One might think that having such diverse elements informing my journey would result is some kind of eclecticism, but this is not the case. Somehow ceremonial techniques, Spare's Sorcery and Medicine Beings have woven themselves into a unique but cohesive "way" for me, though idiosyncratic as mentioned below. It is not "coincidence" that The Book of Anubis: Liber 369--The Grimoire of Axis, the writings Austin Osman Spare, and the writings of the, perhaps, controversial author Hyemeyohsts Storm all use an uppercase "S" in the word "Self", distinguishing it from the ordinary usage of the word "self." It is a thread running through a Magickal Current unfolding for each in its own way. A Self beyond (ordinary) self, yet in seemless continuity.

My Sacred Letters were inspired by Spare and came to me in an "all-at-once" meditation on the energies contained in phonetics. They were later to be organized into a fashion which became a way of producing Sacred Names---for the quarters/directions and the Sacred Male and Sacred Female. They are also ways of creating energy Mantras for use in magickal work either alone or in conjunction with other magickal techniques. Incidentally they are 22 in number which is, of course, the same number as the Tarot Trumps and though not the same, there are some connections.

These days my Magick is unfamiliar and idiosyncratic enough that it is hard to relate to most others. My work is mainly alone except when I am doing healing work for others. My Magick is of an orientation similar to the way known among the Lakota as Heyoka and I'm not about to argue the point with anyone because it comes straight from the Mystery.

I hope you will find something interesting or useful within this repository of teachings for those of you on magickal and spiritual paths. May you not get "caught!

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